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In April 2003, we came across this article in the Times of India and it totally changed our view of gold jewellery trade.

Until then we had been honest with our trade and working diligently to provide quality and pure gold jewellery to our customers, thinking the traders from whom we procured raw gold were also honest and selling the said purity. As far as possible we had always tried to buy 50 gram gold coins that Nepal Rastra Bank would sell to jewellers to make jewellery. But they would sell only limited numbers each day and it would be difficult to get. So when we couldn't buy from Nepal Rastra Bank, we had to rely on local suppliers.

This article got us into thinking, if this was happening in India, it surely could be happening in Nepal. So we started to send samples to India for testing and the results left us with no options , but only to buy gold from Nepal Rastra Bank. But this was not always feasible and certainly not a long term solution. If we wanted to continue to provide quality and pure gold jewellery to our customers and thereby protect them and their right to purity of gold, we had to plan something big and something that we could give continuity to.

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) , in April 2000, had introduced the hallmarking of gold jewellery in India to certify the purity of gold in ornaments and thereby give buyers a guarantee on the purity of gold purchased. But this was a government undertaking and something similar to this would not happen in Nepal for a very long long time.

So we had to think of some ways by which we could continue to protect our customers by providing them the right purity of gold , and also at the same time give guarantee on the purity and assure them of the same.

For the next two years, we started to closely follow the developments of the hallmarking scheme in India. Then in 2005, after a lot of study and research we devised a plan. We ordered an XRF gold testing machine, which certainly became the first one in Nepal.

The plan that we devised then, gave birth to Nepal's First Jewellery Brand : Swarna Bandhan - Authenticated Gold Jewellery Collection. Swarna Bandhan translates to The Golden Bond and indeed it is The Golden Bond that we provide to our customers. Each jewellery piece, from Swarna Bandhan collection, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, authenticating the purity of gold used in the jewellery, along with 100% Melting Guarantee and 100 % Return Guarantee. Melting guarantee assures that when the jewellery is melted the resulting purity of gold will be equivalent to the purity marked on the jewellery and guarantee provided in the Certification of Authenticity.

This was the closest resemblance to the hallmarking scheme, which one individual jewellery house could provide to their customers in a country where hallmarking of gold and gold ornaments is not available. We are extremely proud and honoured to be providing this guarantee and assurance to our valuable customers and thereby protecting them and their rights, since 2005.

Utsav Advantage

11 reasons to shop with us!

Reason 1:
At Utsav Jewels our customers are our priorities and we go to great length to serve all their jewellery needs. We are constantly researching and innovating to provide our customers the most up-to-date services and facilities.

Reason 2:
We are committed to providing pure and quality gold, diamond, gemstone and silver jewellery. Our gold jewellery come with a Certificate of Authenticity, authenticating the purity of gold and providing melting guarantee. Utsav Jewels is the only jewellery house in Nepal who provide Certificate of Authenticity and melting guarantee and we have been providing this guarantee since 2005.

Reason 3:
We provide fair price jewellery. All our jewellery come with detailed invoice, with complete breakdown of price. So customers get to know exactly how much they are paying for gold/silver, wastage, making charge, diamond and gemstones.
We are probably the only jeweller in Nepal who follow the practice of fair price in jewellery and we have been doing it for over two decades.

Reason 4:
We Tell What We Sell And Sell What We Tell.
We totally refrain from selling lab created and fake gemstones as real stones. As far as possible we use natural gemstones, as natural gemstones give that extra sparkle to the pieces of jewellery. In rare cases when we use non natural gemstones it will be clearly noted as "lab created or synthetic stones".

Reason 5:
At Utsav we do not only concentrate on selling our products. We believe in providing extensive after sell services and know how of the products . We believe it is our duty to protect our customers and we go to great length to protect them from wrong practises that are prevalent in the market by educating and informing them.

Reason 6:
Jewellery counselling and redesigning of old jewellery.
This is the unique feature, probably associated only with Utsav Jewels. Apart from helping you to preserve and protect your jewellery with our jewellery care tips, we also help you to redesign your old jewellery, making the most use of your old metals and gemstones.

Reason 7:
Customized and fusion jewellery.
We specialise in customized and fusion jewellery. We are probably the only jewellery house in Nepal to exclusively make 'antique and vintage style' inspired fusion jewellery, and we have been doing it since 1993. So if you have pieces of antique or vintage jewelry and would like to complete the set, we are the right jewellery house to reach out to.

Reason 8:
Almost all our jewellery is hand made and in house manufactured. So you can be assured of its purity, accuracy in the weight of metal, diamond and gemstones.

Reason 9:
Most of our jewellery are unique in design and we make only limited pieces. We source and use the best of gemstones, hence it will be quite difficult for others to replicate them. So you can be assured that when you wear them you will stand apart.

Reason 10:
Customize the design. Select-Choose-Make.
You can Select any design, Choose the purity of gold (10k,14k or 18k) and quality of diamond and Make the jewellery to suit your budget. Thus we provide you The Freedom to choose and pay for exactly what you choose.

Reason 11:
Very Flexible Return Policy.
We provide very flexible return policy. Normally we provide:

  • -> 100% return, on the basis of purity, of gold jewellery.

  • -> 90 % cash return and 95% return value on exchange of diamond jewellery.

However, when you exchange diamond jewellery, you can opt for revaluation of your old jewellery and choose whichever return policy is better for you. Your gold and diamond from old jewellery can be replaced/exchanged with gold and diamond in the new exchanged jewellery. This way you can benefit from the appreciated value of gold and diamond.